Sure, Bring a Friend…or Two

By Grace Maselli








Here’s another plug for our upcoming TBT potluck on Sunday, August 26, 2018 from 3 to 5:30 PM at member Dr. Andy Lepage’s pad (1185 Macfarlane Avenue, Spring Hill, FL. 34608; (727) 517-1148). And don’t be shy. Bring a guest. Spread the good word about timebanking and community-building. Eat some pudding on a Sunday. (Bring some pudding on Sunday to keep this blog post honest!) Usher in a new day with a friend, chaperone, body guard, mensch. Whatever. Whoever, as long as they’re friendly and potentially like the idea of sharing skills and time (not to mention, snacks) and building a network of exchanges with “doers.” So pack an acquaintance with your pudding, someone who might take a shine to friendly TBT peeps, and head on over to Andy’s place. The proverbial door is open to neighborliness and a sense of belonging.