Gobble Gobble
November 9, 2018 — 18:01

By Grace Maselli

Join us for a member meal and gratitude. TBT is celebrating appreciation and membership on Tuesday, November 20th at our Third Tuesday of the Month gathering at Tampa’s Life Enrichment Center (LEC). In the spirit of sharing, this November we’re having an early Thanksgiving potluck, complete with all-natural turkey from Sprouts Farmers Market to proclaim our gratitude for life, love, chocolate bonbons, and thoughts of A People’s History of the United States remembered at the collective table. Friends welcome!






















Our happiness extends to joyous circumstances that mean we’ll have more soulful stuff to chew on than Charlie Chaplin’s Thanksgiving boot. Join the potluck sans boiled footwear, share your favorite holiday dish and an impromptu tale about amusing Thanksgivings Past, and let’s offer special thanks to timebanking! You can check out our Tampa Bay Time Bank Flyer too for a handy reminder of our Third Tuesday activities.

Date Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Time 6:30-8:30 PM
Address 9704 North Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33612; phone: 813.932.0241.
Questions? Contact coordinator@tampabaytime.org or call (215) 834-4567 and reference our Thanksgiving potluck at LEC





One Small Step for the “Whole System Team,” One Giant Leap for TBT
November 9, 2018 — 17:20

By Grace Maselli

The eagle has landed, dear readers. Today TBT took a giant leap forward in support of our growth, momentum, resurgence, and reawakening, or what we like to call, “The TBT Revitalization Project.” Today, at the groovy Kaleisia Tea Lounge in Tampa, the venerable “Whole System Team,” complete with veteran players, consultants, and would-be new team mates, met to put their collective heads together, nosh on spring rolls, and throw back cups of iced orange Creamsicle tea. Wide-ranging discussion included improved communications and an expanded advisory group. On the docket are methods to recruit new members and how to expand working together with community partners, among other examples of expansive and inclusive thinking. In other words, big doings as we shoot for the moon.

Stay tuned for progress reports. Meanwhile, the Whole System Team will be revamping, rejiggering, re-arranging. You get the idea. And speaking of ideas, don’t hesitate to throw your two cents in. All member thoughts most welcome. Contact coordinator@tampabaytime.org or drop us a line on Facebook. 



Bliss, Contentment, Delight—No Matter the Synonym, It’s Tied to Timebanking
November 6, 2018 — 12:52

By Grace Maselli


The happiness factor. Immediately below the surface of the timebanking philosophy is where the happiness factor lives. Briefly, the philosophy is underpinned by a belief that “wealth” is intrinsic to the economy’s people who have innate worth and dignity. The basic piece of the happiness factor is that giving to othersthrough interaction and proximity, having  ties and tethers and face-time in the dimensional (non-virtual screen-focused) world with other human beings, contributes to their peace of mind and optimism and other people’s, givers’, own well-being.

The timebank philosophy expands this notion of unconventional wealth by assigning value to everything we do as humanoids: provide emotional support, caregive, check in on our neighbors. Happiness can be derived through the timebank’s system of services exchange that goes beyond cash-ola, and which might include hours earned for giving someone who needs it a ride to a doctor’s appointment. Or bringing a person chicken soup. Let your skill set and imagination be the guide, the philosophy elicits!

YES! magazine provides data points. “One person’s happiness triggers a three-degree chain reaction that benefits not only their friends, but their neighbors’ friends and their friends’ neighbors’ friends.” The article goes on to given percentages of happiness increases by categories linked to interaction and proximity as it relates to happy people:

Being near one happy person increases happiness for:


Spouse Sibling living
within a mile

Friend living
within a mile


8% 14%


In other words, prosperity in the land of timebanking is directly correlated with support for each other. Being seen and heard and helped builds our reservoir of collective good and puts a smile on the doer’s and the receiver’s face. Yippee! According to YES! magazine, it’s official, “Giving to others increases our own happiness.” And it has an exponentially positive effect…

Save the Date: Open Mic Night Coming to Tampa Sunday, November 11
November 2, 2018 — 7:47

By Grace Maselli

The phoenix is on the rise again. Karen Lowman, founder of Sacred Grounds Community, is spearheading an inaugural gathering in partnership with TBT after the closing two years ago of her venerable Sacred Grounds Coffee House in Tampa. The latter opened its doors to students, artists, poets, and all manner of citizens who hung out on sofas and comfy chairs in what was a 20-year run of java, confection, and connection to the local scene.

In the spirit of Karen’s original Sacred Grounds, the November 11 Open Mic event is for one and all. It’ll  be held at Tampa’s riverfront Waterworks Park. Bring us your jokes and songs. Your juggling paraphernalia. Play an instrument, or read a spoken-word poem. Run some new material by a welcoming audience. Toss your Frisbee and soccer ball in a bag and head on over, and bring your friends too!

Plan to project your voice because the grassroots gathering in front of the Waterworks’ amphitheater/auditorium in the small open field will have no amplification. Don’t forget a blanket or chair. Bring your creativity and energy and a brown bag filled with your favorite portable foods.  If you have a hankering for something gastronomic, you’ll be within walking distance of Tampa’s Armature Works and Ulele’s for amazing food. Here’s a recap:

Date Sunday, November 11, 2018
Location Waterworks Park
1710 North Highland Ave.

Tampa, FL 33602
Time 5:30 to 9:30 PM

They’re Off and Running in Spring Hill! Save the Date for Hernando’s Yard Sale on Saturday, November 3
October 26, 2018 — 9:13

By Grace Maselli

A shout out to the Spring Hill, FL timebank! Spearheaded by member Dr. Andy LePage, the newly formed timebank in Hernando County’s Spring Hill is off to a rousing start. You can check out their new website right here. In typical Andy-style community organizing, he rallied the timebank troops from St. Peterburg’s and Tampa, luring peeps with food (including lots of desserts!) at the Sunday, October 14 potluck at his house in Spring Hill. Timebank experts B.J. Andryusky and Donna Terrence from St. Pete’s timebank, and Rita Cobbs and Nancy Wolf from TBT, hitched rides and headed northward to Andy’s to “hammer out a lot of ways the three timebanks can work together,” notes the host. “We here in Spring Hill are so fortunate to have B.J., Donna, Rita, and Nancy hold our hands as we venture around websites and learn to use the great strengths of our Spring Hill people,” he adds.

Yard Sale-aroonie

The Spring Hill timebank is hosting a yard sale. Can you say super fun? Here’s what the crew tells us about the details: “We have great items,” and lots of ’em, “especially Christmas ornaments, Christmas lights, and Christmas figurines. Bring your friends!” You read it here. Prepare to get good stuff.

Date Saturday, November 3, 2018
Time 8 AM to 2 PM
Address Diana’s house…
10506 Maderia Street
Spring Hill, FL 34608
(A few blocks north of Spring Hill Drive; two blocks west of Mariner Boulevard)
Questions? Call Andy at (727) 517-1148 






Save the Date for Show & Tell on Sunday, December 2; Curtain Call Is 3PM
October 25, 2018 — 18:06

By Grace Maselli

Our plan is hatched. It’s a Show & Tell potluck, straight from the pantheon of classroom classics. But this one’s for big kids. So whether you want to bring the rutabaga you grew from seed, a lace doily tatted  lovingly from scratch, miniature doll furniture made of walnut shells and tree sap, or the photo of Clark Gable’s Cadillac you snagged at the Clark Gable Birthplace Museum in Cadiz, OH, then cool! Come to Show & Tell and share memories, dreams, losses and gains. Tell us why you picked what you picked. What about  it speaks to you? We want to know. Because no matter your age, connecting, communicating, sharing ideas and objects—can pique curiosity, give license to expression, and open doors to audience interests. Bring some grub and a friend too who may be interested in learning more about timebanking as we move into the future with our TBT revitalization efforts. Here are the particulars:

Date Sunday, December 2, 2018
Time 3 to 6 PM
Address 2128 Park Crescent Drive
Land O Lakes, FL 34639
(Between Livingston Ave and Collier Parkway immediately off SR 54)
Questions? Call (215) 834-4567 and reference Show & Tell!

Recap: TBT’s “Third Tuesday” Kick Off at the Life Enrichment Center Invokes Human Cannonballs and Decked-Out Weddings
October 24, 2018 — 12:58

By Grace Maselli

Whoopee, we did it! A friendly bunch of TBT members and friends kicked off the inaugural third-Tuesday-of-every-month TBT orientation and community gathering at Tampa’s Life Enrichment Center (LEC). Our Third Tuesdays are part of TBT’s revitalization initiative to dispatch our efforts further into the community by way of a metaphoric human cannonball! (It should be noted, dear reader, that the first person to be sprung thusly from a cannon was 14-year-old Rossa Matilda Richter in 1877 at London’s Royal Aquarium.)

Time and Repartee

Natural light and shared food (Read: potluck!) for attendees who gathered on Tuesday, October 16 made the welcoming LEC space even more receptive to talk on timebanking, invoking broad discussions, including those in response to showings of two videos as part of the education and togetherness vibe. One video is from the timebank in Central Vermont where approximately 1,000 services are offered covering everything from iPhone tutoring and aromatherapy to weatherization, taro card interpretations, cake baking, and reading to persons who are sight impaired. A link to the second video shown is available further below in this post. The October 16 repartee extended to the idea of community connection that time-and-service exchanges can bringthe warm and fuzzy polar opposite of social isolation.

A Wedding—from Soup to Nuts

Demonstrating the power of timebanking, one Central Vermont member had an ENTIRE wedding brought to life (dress, venue, flowers, minister, music, and maybe some Italian Wedding Soup and nuts to nosh on)  thanks to our timebank cousin in the northeast! Now that’s something to write home about. TBT is thankful to LEC Executive Director Maureen Murphy who has generously opened LEC’s doors to us the third Tuesday of each month for orientations, ever-wonderful community potlucks and social events. LEC is “a private, non-profit organization whose mission is for students to fulfill their lifelong creative potential through the ageless engagement of the arts.” Their address is 9704 North Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33612; phone: 813.932.0241. You can also check out our Tampa Bay Timebank-LEC Flyer right here!

Reminder: TBT at Tampa’s Life Enrichment Center, Tuesday October 16
October 10, 2018 — 17:46

By Grace Maselli

Here’s a friendly reminder and re-post that our inaugural 2018 third-Tuesday-of-the-month TBT event is less  than a week away. We welcome each and every one of our members!

Beginning Tuesday, October 16 from 6:30-8:30 PM, TBT will meet every third Tuesday of the month at Tampa’s Life Enrichment Center (LEC), “a private, non-profit organization whose mission is for students to fulfill their lifelong creative potential through the ageless engagement of the arts.” Yay! The venerable organization has been in the business of art since 1980—38 years large! LEC Executive Director Maureen Murphy heads LEC, a long-time TBT organizational member that, under Maureen’s direction, has generously opened its doors to us the third Tuesday of each month for social events, orientations and ever-wonderful community potlucks.

Also in their own words: “The LEC is an innovative arts education center for adults, operating in North Tampa’s Forest Hills neighborhood since 1980. It is one of only a few centers across the country focused on redefining and reshaping retirement and the experience of aging. Its cultural arts program has received national and international recognition and serves as a model of a successful community-based organization, serving adults primarily 50+.” There’s a bundle of classes offered—more than 25 to choose from every week that interested TBT members can avail themselves of. Double yay! Among the gems: creative writing, drawing, pastels, oil/acrylics, watercolor, bead weaving, Tai Chi, yoga, Mahjong, and bridge. LEC’s address is 9704 North Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33612; phone: 813.932.0241.

“This New World,” Plus Halloween Costume Ideas
October 10, 2018 — 14:58

By Grace Maselli

Let’s face it. Timebanking is a “community-building and community cohesion tool,” says Stephanie Rearick, former co-chair of  TimeBanks USA in her article, Time Banks: A Tool for Restorative Justice and Community Strength. The concept works by pooling resources, exchanging skill sets and time, and keeping people inter-connected. There’s power in numbers, after all. And resource-sharing as part of the timebank model has been engaged across the U.S. and internationally since founder Edgar Cahn’s brainchild was launched 30 or so years ago.

Give It a Rethink and Some Hope

More recently, HuffPost has turned its attention to the the capitalist system and its call for a “radical rethink” known as “This New World,” a web environment in support of public discourse and real news, not to mention the collective good. Should you, dear reader, elect to partake, here’s the message to anticipate: “Thanks for signing up for HuffPost’s This New World email! We’re here talking about this because the capitalist system is broken and needs a radical rethink. In the past it has created jobs, prosperity and happiness. But today we’re facing increased inequality, eroding prosperity for all but the richest and an environmental crisis. But there is hope. As well as looking at the failings of the current system, HuffPost’s ‘This New World’ series shines a spotlight on the people, projects and movements, striving to create a fairer economy.”

And in case you need ideas from the Halloween costumery, consider a social justice bent as you prepare for cobwebs and apple bobbing. A judge or a suffragette, perhaps? No matter the choice, ponder the long line of timebank members who came before us, the ones who took the radical rethink seriously, and still do. There are about 300 timebanks across the U.S. and more popping up as you read. For good measure, here’s a Timebanking 101 primer to share with your friends.


St. Pete Time Bank, Howdie Neighbor!
October 10, 2018 — 10:56

By Grace Maselli

We’re all about sharing the love here at TBT. Our neighbor 23.7 miles south of downtown Tampa by way of I-275 (as the crow flies not exactly in a straight line, but rather veers in a westerly arc) is the St. Petersburg Time Bank—”St. Pete” for short. Our enduring neighbor’s mission: “To support the growth of a time-based community that teaches its members to exchange goods and services without the use of cash.” Bravo, timebankers extraordinaire! To date, the St. Pete Time Bank has exchanged 5,975 ½ hours, doing everything from errands and shopping to workshops and community service. Get the skinny on their upcoming Halloween potluck. And for more year-round information, give them a jingle at 727-835-TIME (8463).