April 30, 2015 — 12:00



Tampa Bay Time Bank

1. Tampa Social – First Thursdays
This is a GREAT way to meet other Members and start exchanging.
7:00-9:00 pm
(If schools are closed due to weather, we’ll meet a week later)

Petra Restaurant – 4812 E Busch Blvd # E, Tampa, FL 33617
(2 blocks east of N. 46th St)

Drop by for coffee, dinner or dessert. Arrive when you can. 
See old friends and make new ones.
Bring your Laptop to get assistance.

Ask your questions, make an exchange. 
Children and non-members welcome.

NOTE: This is not a meeting. It’s a social! 

2. Weed and cleanup! House #3 – TBA
This is like a Progressive Dinner Party, except it’s with gardening!
We’re gonna weed 1 person’s yard at a time. Come join the party, then get your yard into the rotation!

Tampa Bay Time Bank – The Basics

Take me to the Frequently Asked Questions page for more detailed info >

Tampa Bay Time Bank – a community skills exchange

Tampa Bay Time Bank is a community skills exchange, also known as a “time bank.” Time banking is a way to exchange services as a compliment to the cash economy. In Tampa Bay Time Bank we trade skills gained from work, education, life experience, hobbies, and volunteering, while making friends and building community.

Time banking is egalitarian. All activities are valued, and all activities are valued equally. One hour equals one hour. Each hour of work is equal to every other, regardless of the activity. We earn credit by doing something for another member, then we can use the credit by having any other member do something for us.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (Member Handbook) to learn more about how Tampa Bay Time Bank works.

Everyone can participate in the time bank

Everyone is welcome and anyone willing to maintain a high level of trust is invited to join the community. Everyone has something to offer and everyone has needs. By participating, each member contributes to creating a resilient and sustainable community. Tampa Bay Time has members throughout the Tampa Bay area.

For more information, for help with your application or using the online system, or if you want to get more involved with the time bank, please contact a coordinator@tampabaytime.org.

Tampa Bay Time Bank
Email: coordinator@tampabaytime.org