Come to the Potluck on Sunday, August 26 in Spring Hill! Bring a Dish and an Idea

By Grace Maselli

Yupperdeedoo. It’s about food and change. We’re celebrating the TBT Revitalization Project this month at a potluck scheduled for Sunday, August 26, 2018 from 3 to 5:30 PM. The venue? Member Dr. Andy Lepage’s crib (abode, pad, house, hizzy) in Spring Hill, FL. at 1185 Macfarlane Avenue, zip 34608. His number in case of questions: (727) 517-1148.

Come with a dish you like to make and aim to share. But it’s not just about the grub. Though lo and behold, eating is fun! Also be prepared to talk about what you love to do as fodder for our TBT exchange. What brings you joy? What can you help others with to earn TBT hours? We’ll have some icebreakers and activities to get the ideas rolling. Got something cookin’ you want to share ahead of time? Email us at or post to Facebook.