On the Move!

By Grace Maselli
According to the Physics Classroom, an object’s momentum is defined as “mass in motion.” The same thing applies to like-minded groups, clubs, contingents, squads—people on the move, so responsibility is spread out across more bodies to spur activity and positive results. Apply this to TBT, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little spurring. Beats entropy and its “gradual decline into disorder,” right? In fact, if you find your immediate surroundings in a state of disorder, post an exchange request on the TBT website and connect with a fellow member. You never know, that person who helps rocket you out of entropy by helping to clean the garage you’ve been avoiding for three years could turn out to be a friend. Now there’s some mass in motion!

Our TBT Revitalization Project is all about blowing through entropy. But sometimes we all need a little help from our friends to jump start change. So make the most of TBT and post an offering for a time exchange. (Show someone how to play Backgammon, or make a God’s Eye out of yarn. Grab a pole and some bait because we all know, if you give a woman a fish, you give her a yummy for the day. But if you teach her how to fish, well then, it’s a lifetime of trout.) Go ahead. At TBT, we’re set up to help you gain momentum!