TBT Revitalization Project: Share the LOVE with Our New Flyer

By Grace Maselli

Hear ye hear ye! It’s time to spread the news about TBT. Check out our new flyer! We’re pumping up the volume through the ABCs, spreading the good word to libraries, community centers, relevant community spaces in the Tampa Bay Area, about how timebanking gets people together through services exchanges they like to do that help members and themselves, too.

What’s Timebanking?

It’s a service exchange “system” that uses time as its currency. Instead of money, we exchange “person hours.” So you can sign up to do things you love for members, offering what you enjoy in a service exchange. Members can organize household stuff, help with meal preparation, offer rides, tutor, fix things—if that’s what excites you. Professionals can participate too through their organizations or as individchange service credit hours and record them in our online “Hour World” system. Every hour of time is valued equally. Whether you’re weeding someone’s garden or drawing architectural plans. Feel free to send the flyer to your network of community members, either online, or print some and sprinkle ’em around like happy confetti. Yay!