Abundance Swaps – a regular thing for TBT!

AbundanceSwapArt“I did all my Holiday shopping today,” exclaimed one enthusiastic time banker near the end of Saturday’s Abundance Swap, and she was not alone. We were busy from start to finish and everyone left with several things they needed.

Tampa Bay Time Bank’s latest Abundance Swap was another fine example of a free market! Our recent swap on Saturday December 13 at Sacred Grounds Coffee House in Tampa was this year’s second swap. On November 1 we held the first TBT (Tampa Bay Time Bank) Abundance Swap at Moccasin Lake Park in Clearwater.

For those of you who weren’t at the second Abundance Swap at Sacred Grounds in Tampa yesterday afternoon, it was a smashing success. Rita’s enthusiasm sparked a lot of work in a short time, and everyone rallied to make it work.

Kudos to the gang who got there two hours ahead to set up. There were the stalwart TBT folks: Marie, Rita, Tish, Nancy, Kelley and who else am I missing? For the clean up, all those and many of the Swappers who hung around to help, they were enjoying it so much!

There were some good things about the Swap beyond someone getting a new iron.
1) Ages of people stopping by were from twenty something to octogenarians
2) Shelby graduated from USF yesterday morning, and was at the Swap at 2pm
3) A woman said she had been hounded by her kids to downsize, and resisted for yrs.  When she heard about the Swap, that got her started.  She brought us a trunkload of stuff, and said it was a first step.
4) Several grandmothers were taking outfits for their grandchildren, who would be in the next size up by spring
5) About 15 folks from the storefront church in the same plaza walked past and asked about TBT.
6) Several people who couldn’t attend yesterday gave me stuff to take to the Swap
7) S. Pinellas TBT’ers need to offer a Swap.  Some folks don’t want to drive an hour, even if it is for free stuff
8) Talked w/a few people who have been members, but never attended anything or made exchanges.
9) Swaps donate a lot of the leftover goods to thrift stores.  Donations at most thrifts are down 15%-ish.

Good work, Tampa Bay Timers and Swappers!

**The next swap will be Saturday, February 6, 2015 at Sacred Grounds!!**
Watch for another swap to be held in the springime in Pinellas County, too!