You’re Not Alone

By Grace Maselli

That’s right. A happy reminder that when you, your friends, loved ones, neighbors, or acquaintances join a timebank, it means you’re not alone. Free membership into our exchange system is yours—no money involved. Rather, “person hours” are the currency earned as you build community and friendship—all while you exchange services you love to provide, and receive the same. (Think: get help cleaning your ‘fridge, provide a ride to shop for groceries, or hang out with a timebank companion to see a film, etc.) Then log exchange hours into the easy-to-use “Hour World” website account. Download our timebanking flyer for super portable info! Click on the flyer’s web links herein to check out the St. Pete’s  and Spring Hill websites. TBT is part of an area timebank network. Way to go!

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