Timebanking Esprit de Corps

By Grace Maselli


In an informal TBT poll-taking (spontaneous question-asking on the campus of  a nearby college), it quickly became clear that what people like is hanging out. Together. Some good old-fashioned connection and conversation is the ticket!

The ticket to what?

To human interaction. You’ve heard it before. We homo sapiens love a good party. Or a picnic. A shared cultural event that we can discuss, dissect, elaborate on, be grateful for, together. After the fact. Or an interactive workshop.The kind where we break out into small groups and talk. Brainstorm. Or just eat pie.

In case it’s been a while since you Googled the dictionary meaning of esprit de corps, here it is: “A sense of unity and of common interests and responsibilities, as developed among group of persons closely associated in a task, cause, enterprise, etc.”

We here at TBT are such a”closely associated” group of peeps. We like to go to cultural events together. Eat sandwiches in sync at public parks. (We like to feel our way into real face-to-face experiences.) Sometimes we don’t even talk that much; we just smile knowingly at one another. Other times, yackety-yack. And of course we’re all about timebank exchanges. Check out the flyer for more info. And tell yer friends too!