They Arrived, They Self-Expressed, They Listened

By Grace Maselli

Beautiful objects, symbols, and handmade art from natural elements were brought to the TBT “Decorate the Springtime Tree” potluck and adventure on May 19. Participates shared Asian cats, a reference to beloved animals and multiculturalism, jewelry and discussion of its energetic frequencies, handmade pieces denoting devotion to curiosity and respect for critical thinking, women’s empowerment and strength, and meaningful, deep friendship.

It was a Sunday afternoon spent timebank-style, where members  and guests came together in a safe space as a community to look into each others faces and tell their stories, building friendship through listening and acknowledgement. Consider Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau’s words, “[T]he essence of friendship [is] the cultivation of true sympathy,” a belief he also extended to connection and sympathy with “non-human beings.”

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