St. Pete Time Bank, Howdie Neighbor!

By Grace Maselli

We’re all about sharing the love here at TBT. Our neighbor 23.7 miles south of downtown Tampa by way of I-275 (as the crow flies not exactly in a straight line, but rather veers in a westerly arc) is the St. Petersburg Time Bank—”St. Pete” for short. Our enduring neighbor’s mission: “To support the growth of a time-based community that teaches its members to exchange goods and services without the use of cash.” Bravo, timebankers extraordinaire! To date, the St. Pete Time Bank has exchanged 5,975 ½ hours, doing everything from errands and shopping to workshops and community service. Get the skinny on their upcoming Halloween potluck. And for more year-round information, give them a jingle at 727-835-TIME (8463).