Ask for Help When You Need It; Let Timebanking Be Your Nurturing Auntie

By Grace Maselli

There are times when the heat gets turned up in life. When the means required to do something practical all on your own, or to pay a high price tag for goods or services, can alarm even the least freak-out-able among us. Like the tree that falls on your front yard provoking the phrase, “I need someone with a chain saw” to become part of your sudden reality. This goes way beyond the philosophical notion embodied in the question, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” You definitely heard the dern thing topple!

But maybe it’s not about big-tree doings. Maybe it’s about some companionship and support for cleaning a messy house (think new baby and sleep-deprived parents, or a household with a gaggle full of toddlers running to and fro…) Maybe a member just needs a two-hour pinch hitter for childcare while she or he takes a powder and gets a cup a Jo—just the substitute “Nurturing Auntie” you hope for to stay sane. Remember, a pivotal part of the timebanking ethos is to understand the value of asking for help when it’s needed, because sometimes your real Auntie loves you, but she’s 1,000 miles away. According to timebank founder Edgar Cahn, strong communities engage citizens, strengthen place, and inspire change. So reach out and ask. Reach out and offer. As the lovely diagram in this post shows, members can get help with raking their yards; they can offer help with grocery shopping. Knit a sweater! (Hey, it can get nippy in the Sunshine State in winter months…) So check out the TBT website regularly, where our digital version of the “TimeDollar Statement” (aka, electronic tally) under the “Hours” drop down menu is housed. It’s like exercise or sleep: Timebanking makes you feel better!