Sew Wonderful!

By Grace Maselli


TBT is growing in leaps and bounds. This includes sewing class at member Delphine Geraci’s Lutz home, where the creativity lives large among Delphine’s five sewing machines. But Delphine doesn’t just generously open her home to stitching and fabric-minded members and friends. (And their groovy threads, scissors, and such) piled alongside fertile imaginations. Delphine teaches too. Patiently. Abundantly. To spread good vibes applied to the centuries-old art form.

With her own deep history of stitchery, member Carol Godwin also guides learners alongside Delphine as an integral part of the sewing scene. A scene where fired-up sewers make everything from reversible handbags to elegant tunics. Where they close the seams on pants and shirts. Mending and tailoring and yucking it up with some laughs. Making it sew real.

Contact TBT Coordinator Rita at 608.335.2382 for more info. And get the skinny on a broader perspective at the National Women’s History Museum and its, “Fashioning Yourself! A Story of Home Sewing”. Join the fun and get your garments going with TBT: All are welcome! Check out the sewing machine documentary, too.