SCIONS – an engaged TBT Partner

One of the Tampa Bay Time Bank Partners is Suncoast Community Institute of Noetic Sciences (SCIONS), a community group of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). IONS was founded by astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell in the 1970’s, inspired by his profound spiritual experience while traveling back from the moon during the Apollo 14 space mission. Dr. Mitchell founded IONS to pursue the scientific study of states of consciousness, distant healing, global wisdom, and psychic phenomenon.

SCIONS was founded in 1995 through the pioneering work of TBT member Sharon Joy Kleitsch, who is still deeply involved in the coordination and planning of events. Douglas Bonar, another TBT member is the current SCIONS facilitator.

As a Tampa Bay Time Bank partner, Douglas has invited us to speak about timebanking at the quarterly SCIONS meeting and mentioned TBT many times in his monthly Consciousness Cafes at Sacred Lands.  He has also distributed TBT material at other attended events as he believes strongly in our mutual vision and efforts to create the highest community good. He also has attended and volunteered on many occasions at TBT events.

TBT offers a big thank you to SCIONS for assisting with our exposure so more folks can get to know about the wonderful concept of timebanking! To know more about Noetic Sciences please visit or join the local Noetic Meetup group.