Permaculture Blitz and Timebanking

The following is a description of a permaculture site being developed in Clearwater through the efforts of Tampa Bay Time Bank member Koreen Brennan. It is a good example of how effective permaculture events like “permablitzes” can be and what Hibiscus House is doing in Clearwater. Tampa Bay Time Bank members can earn TBT hours working at permablitzes like this one.

We’re installing a comprehensive urban permaculture design at our 1/3 acre property in Clearwater, and have been having a series of “permablitzes” to accomplish this. Some of the design elements include: Sunburst raised beds, fruit trees and perennial edibles (goodbye lawn!), rainwater catchment, outdoor solar shower and much more.


The first week we had about 25 people on the scene – this mighty crew moved 5 truckloads of mulch into raised beds. That was a huge part of what we needed and would have taken us month.  The second week we had about 10 people who were also mighty – we pinpointed the sewer pipes, created a hugulkulture mound (tree trunks under soil, replicating forest floor), dug out part of the pond, planted tons of seeds, and many other permaculture inspired features.

The third week we’re going to continue the comprehensive design, eventually producing hundreds of pounds of food and cuttings to spread to others, and demonstrating many elements of a highly productive urban permaculture site. We’ll have free cuttings of easy to grow plants and good camaraderie and conversation, and yes, Time Bank hours!

Contact us to take a look! Best, Koreen Brennan

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