One Small Step for the “Whole System Team,” One Giant Leap for TBT

By Grace Maselli

The eagle has landed, dear readers. Today TBT took a giant leap forward in support of our growth, momentum, resurgence, and reawakening, or what we like to call, “The TBT Revitalization Project.” Today, at the groovy Kaleisia Tea Lounge in Tampa, the venerable “Whole System Team,” complete with veteran players, consultants, and would-be new team mates, met to put their collective heads together, nosh on spring rolls, and throw back cups of iced orange Creamsicle tea. Wide-ranging discussion included improved communications and an expanded advisory group. On the docket are methods to recruit new members and how to expand working together with community partners, among other examples of expansive and inclusive thinking. In other words, big doings as we shoot for the moon.

Stay tuned for progress reports. Meanwhile, the Whole System Team will be revamping, rejiggering, re-arranging. You get the idea. And speaking of ideas, don’t hesitate to throw your two cents in. All member thoughts most welcome. Contact or drop us a line on Facebook.