Let Your Light Shine

By Grace Maselli

You’re being beckoned, dear reader, to think about what’s meaningful to you this holiday season. The question to consider is, What sets your own inner light ablaze? What gives your life and soul a sense of purpose? What revs you up, puts a smile on your face, inspires you to spread joy and declare your life distinguished to you? What feels purposeful  from your perspective? Is it children, animals, volunteerism, the interconnectedness of family?

Here’s hoping you’ll accept the invitation to think about it more deeply. In a quiet space. Or a noisy place. Where ever your inspiration may












come from. Let us know here in the blog comments box, or let it roll around in your heart as you consider holiday cheer from TBT and timebanks everywhere that are devoted to connection, to keeping people in communities linked to one another! 

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