Keeping your Timebanking Agreement

The Tampa Bay Time Bank “terms of service” agreement contains the main guidelines to which all members agree when they join TBT. Here’s a pdf file of the document: TAMPA_BAY_TOS.

It states…

1. As a member of Tampa Bay Time I agree to treat others with respect. I will respond to
communications promptly and perform quality services in a safe and careful manner.
2. I will not disclose any personal information (such as names, addresses, email addresses or
telephone numbers) about any Tampa Bay Time participant without the participant’s consent.
3. I understand that Tampa Bay Time will not do criminal background checks on participants or
check personal references, professional licenses, driver’s licenses and/or driving records.
4. I understand that Tampa Bay Time may take photographs and video for use in community
outreach, publicity and research. If I do not want my image(s) to be used I will notify the
photographer or videographer at any event(s) that I participate in.
5. I understand that Tampa Bay Time defines and limits the types of services that can be
exchanged with other participants. If I have any questions about whether a particular service is
allowed, I will communicate with Tampa Bay Time.
6. I am responsible for determining whether and when to exchange services offered through
Tampa Bay Time. I understand that the services I provide or receive are not evaluated or
recommended by Tampa Bay Time, and that Tampa Bay Time does not warranty or guarantee
the services in any way.
7. I assume full responsibility for all liability and all risk of injury or loss which may result from
participating in the Tampa Bay Time program. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless all parties
who facilitate or participate in the Time Bank exchanges.
8. I expressly waive any claims, demands or causes of action and release Time Banks USA, Tampa
Bay Time and their members, partners, contractors, agents, officers and employees from any
liability whatsoever arising from this program.
9. I understand that participating in Tampa Bay Time does not and will not form a contractual
relationship between me and any other Tampa Bay Time participant or entity.
10. As a participant in Tampa Bay Time, I agree that all services I give or receive are voluntary. I will not give or receive any money for these services. I understand that service hours have no
monetary value.
11. I understand that my participation in Tampa Bay Time may be terminated for any reason not
prohibited by law. Reasons for which my participation may be terminated include conduct that
is unlawful, harmful to any other individual or disruptive to the program.
12. This agreement will remain in effect even if I am no longer a participant in Tampa Bay Time. I
have read and understand and specifically agree to all of the language in this Agreement.
13. By Applying for this account, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the above terms.