It’s a Poetry, Potstickers, and Pierogies Potluck (Or Other Alliterative Foods that Start with Letter “P”)

By Grace Maselli

We’re at it again! Magical potlucks galore! But this time, with a literary twist. Member guests and guests of members are invited to share one or two poems each in the safe space of a living room. Either something guests have penned in the dark of night or the bright light of day, or a recitation (from memory OR a sheet of paper), an homage, to their faves from the poetic pantheon. Think Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Dr. Suess and his perhaps lesser-known “Greatheart and the  Brain Drain”The Beats. To keep it synced, our shared potluck foods will follow a time-honored literary technique, alliteration, or “the conspicuous repetition of identical initial consonant sounds… ” You dig? That means our shared poetry foods may include potstickers, pierogies, pumpkin pie, pasta, parsnips, or a treasured family recipe from your Uncle Peter. Join us for the mini recital, fun, and foodery! Here’s the skinny: Time: Sunday, September 30, 3-6 PM ¦ Location: 2128 Park Crescent Drive, Land O Lakes, FL 34639  ¦ Questions: 215.834.4567 (Yes, it’s a local event despite the 215 prefix. 🙂 )