How to Save Money: Can You Say “Lend a Hand” and “Timebank?” Plus Some Other Random Tips

By Grace Maselli

One big, big way to save money is to be active with TBT timebank members. Our service exchange “system” uses time as its currency. Instead of money, we exchange “person hours.” You sign up to exchange what you love to offer, and avail yourself of offerings members enjoy delivering. This could mean everything from grocery shopping and raking leaves, to giving someone a ride to a doctor’s officeor sharing the meeting notes you took with a member who couldn’t get to an event. Our TBT printable flyer gives the quick story line on timebank exchanges.

There are other ways to save money. Here’s a random list of this and that:

• Make your own laundry detergent;
• Eat leftovers;
• Ask a fellow timebanker to borrow her hose (colander, evening dress, wrench) for the weekend instead of buying one new;
• Get stuff at thrift stores;
• Comparison shop. Before you take out your wallet, do some pricing research and find the most cost-effective buy for immersion blenders, stilettos, bagpipes. You name it;
• Write a list before you go food shopping and stick to it;
• Drink more water;
• Turn lights off;
• Make homemade holiday gifts;
• Avoid the mall.

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