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TBT Spotlight: Virginia Rieck Warren

By Grace Maselli

Virginia Rieck Warren says this about the time bank concept: “I think it’s a totally helpful thing.”

Time banking—an exchange system where the currency is time or the “person-hour,” spreads value equally across all tasks provided and received, whether that means an hour spent cleaning a garage, or 60 minutes devoted to poring over numbers, actuarial-style.

“I feel like you need balancing forces in the world,” says 30-year-old Virginia, a full-time Safety Harbor, FL. resident since April 2017, and a member of TBT since August 2017. Some of that balance can come in the form of the time bank’s quid pro quo time-and-task exchange. “There’s a lot of energy directed toward our capitalistic system, which is fine,” Virginia notes, but it’s also nice to have a counterweight, she believes. “Capitalism doesn’t always value all the important work people do. I believe time banks channel and honor this importance.” (continue reading here).

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TBT Members making exchanges and
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