TBT Potluck Event – May 25 in Clearwater!

Potluck FoodHello Friends ~

For me the best part of being a member of TBT is the potlucks. I get to meet a lot of interesting new people of like mind who become friends. I attend these potlucks whenever I don’t have a conflict of schedule and  host them often at my house (you get 4 hours credit for hosting, you know, so maybe you want to have one at your house?).

Anyway, I love to go to TBT potlucks because there are always new people to meet and old friends to see. They open new possibilities for me.

And that’s why I think you should come to the TBT potlucks. And come again and come again and get to know everyone. That’s where I meet people I do trades with. That’s where I’ve made new friends.

So please come to my TBT potluck for the Clearwater area. Bring a friend or two. We’ll introduce ourselves, eat, talk, make new connections and renew old ones.

May 25, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

And please bring food to share

See you there!

The potluck is at my house in Clearwater.

Email me for directions.

Debra Redalia đŸ™‚