Show & Tell, Stay Tuned

By Grace Maselli

TBT’s hatching another plan for community involvement and conversation about timebanking. Show & Tell, straight from the pantheon of classroom classics. But for big kids. Because no matter your age, connecting, communicating, sharing ideas and objects—can pique curiosity, give license to express, and open doors to audience interests. It can demonstrate different ways of thinking and promote good listening skills! Plus, it’s just plain old fun to talk about your Aunt Edna’s heirloom tomato seeds, show off a piece of the Berlin Wall or a replica of Elvis’s 1972 Classic Burning Love suit, display kinetic craft projects made out of toilet paper rolls, or demonstrate how your fingers fly across the strings on a balalaika. Stay tuned while we manifest a time and place in the next four to six weeks. If you’re game to host, give us a shout out at