Support Tampa Bay Time Bank

By joining Tampa Bay Time, you agree to following principles:

  • I will not accept or offer money for services.
  • I will have lots of fun meeting people and making friends.
  • I will respond in a timely way to offers, requests, and alerts from Tampa Bay Time members and coordinators.
  • I understand that all members are solely responsible for their own transactions.
  • I will participate in Tampa Bay Time at my own risk and will not blame the organization or coordinators for any decisions or exchanges that I make.
  • I will exercise particular care when contracting for child, elder care or work around the home.
  • I will take full responsibility for any accidents I cause to myself or others.
  • I will take full responsibility for other people’s property that I may use.
  • I will be careful who I recommend as my own membership may be affected by their actions.