American Television Journalist Diane Sawyer on Timebanking

By Grace Maselli

Diane Sawyer’s TV piece on timebanking in her hometown of Louisville, KY was another B-12 shot to the movement’s arm. Resurrecting the 2014 exposé here, it details the experiences of Louisville, KY timebank members through Peeps in the land of Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Derby continue to save hundreds of dollars by swapping skills and services including babysitting, family portrait photography, home improvement, chiropracty, and jewelry repair. “I feel wealthy since I’ve been in the timebank,” bubbles one interviewee in Sawyer’s piece. Bottom line, in Louisville and Tampa and places in between, if you have a skill, offer it up in your community by joining a timebank. You’ll save money and chances are strong you might find a few goombahs along the way.